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Questions and answers about paintball in Slovenia

How much does the Paintball equipment hire cost?
The price depends on the number of players and the rental location. Look at our offer.

Is paintball ok for women?

Why not? On our traditional tournaments women have become the most dangerous...;)

Can we also arrange a picnic near the shooting field?
Of course! Before coming, you need to express the desire to organize a picnic. Look at the Materia paintball shooting field page.

What do I get when I come to play paintball?
Marker, 100 balls, protective mask... for more information look at our offer.

How long does a match last?
The duration depends on the number of players. On shooting field A - Frontal combat, the match lasts 2 hours, but on shooting field B - Valleys of fortune the match takes 3 hours.

How many players can play paintball?
In theory, you cam play with just 2 players. On the paintball shooting fields in Materia you can not play in less than 14 players on field A and 12 on field C (for kids). In case of more players, they are divided into teams and the game lasts longer. Currently more than 50 players can play simultaneously. We have already organized paintball tournaments with more than 90 players.

What’s the most important thing in paintball?
The most important thing when playing paintball is security:
- Never remove the protective mask from your face until you are in a safe area.
- Always handle the marker (rifle) carefully. This is shot against a player only when he/she is in the shooting field.

Are the shooting fields open in August and during winter?
Yes we are open in August and winter as well!

Can we use our own equipment?
No. The use of personal gear is forbidden. We will provide markers, balls and everything you need.

How do I find the Materia Paintball shooting fields?
Look at the directions to our shooting fields.

Do you have showers to clean ourselves after the match?
No. The shooting field is immersed in nature and we have no drinking water.


Questions and Answers on Paintball for Kids